Pool Use Transfer Authorization

Use this form if you own a home in Inverness that you do not reside in and rent to others to authorize a transfer of your pool privileges your Tenants. HOA management will notify you when your request has been approved or contact you if there are any questions or additional information required.

  • Home Owner Information

  • Enter the address of the property you are renting out.
  • Tenant Information

    Enter the name and contact information for the Tenant you will be renting your property to.
  • Tenant NameTenant EmailTenant PhoneStatus 
  • I, the above stated property owner, agree to transfer my Swimming Pool membership to the Tenant referenced above and understand my Tenants are required to abide by the Membership Agreement. I understand that by allowing my Tenant to use the Swimming Pool I surrender my right to use the facility.
  • Digitally sign using your mouse.